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Health Care Providers

What is INresearch.org?

INresearch.org is a free, secure registry of Indiana residents interested in participating in healthcare research. This registry was developed by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, a collaboration between Indiana University, Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, and its many government, corporate, and philanthropic partners. The goal of this registry is to match Indiana residents interested in being part of a research study with local investigators.

Why should my patients participate?
Participation in this registry gives your patients an opportunity to be contacted for studies that may interest them and might improve their or their family’s health.
Will I be notified if my patient participates in a research study?
Many investigators like to let their participants’ health care provider know of their involvement in a research study. If the participant provides permission to do so, information about the participant’s involvement will be sent to their health care provider.
What is the type of care my patient will receive when participating in a research study?
The level of care someone receives depends on the type of study. In studies in which they are trying to see if health care delivery can be improved, patient may be randomized to receive "usual care" which means they will receive the same care they would receive from their health care provider if not in a research study or they may be randomized to the intervention group in which some treatment in addition to usual care is implemented. Both groups are important to see whether the new level of care improves upon what is already offered. In some studies, particularly device or pharmaceutical trials, patients will receive very individualized care as the patients will need to be closely monitored for adverse events. Participants are often contacted on a daily or weekly basis to determine how they are feeling for the length of time that they enrolled in the study.
What happens if my patient experiences a health event while participating in a research study?
If a person experiences an adverse health event outside of the research office while participating in a research study, your patient will be advised to contact his/her primary care provider for care. If an adverse event occurs during a study visit, care will either be provided on-site or the patient will be advised on where to seek care from for the event.
Will the researcher try to "recruit" my patient to be a patient at their clinic after the study?
Researchers do not conduct studies to try to recruit patients into their clinics. It is expected that the participant will continue to receive care from the providers that they had been seeing prior to their participation in the research study.
How secure is the health information of my patients?
INresearch.org was designed to be a secure, HIPAA compliant system. Registry Volunteers can limit the amount of information that they wish to reveal about their health. The information about these volunteers is only available to someone who is an Indiana CTSI affiliated researcher and has an approved IRB research study.
Where do my patients go to sign up to be part of this registry?
If you have patients that are interested in signing up for the registry, please send them to www.INResearch.org. If they have any questions, they can contact the Indiana CTSI Subject Recruitment Office at 317-278-2176 or 1-888-264-0005.
What does it cost to use INresearch.org?
Nothing. This is a free service to the public to help link them to researchers.
Will the information be "sold" or used by other groups interested in contacting the volunteers?
No. Information about the volunteers is only available to researchers affiliated with the Indiana CTSI, currently Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame.
How do persons withdrawal or drop out of the registry?
Volunteers can stop participating in the registry at anytime by logging back into the registry and then from their dashboard clicking on the button that says "remove my information." The system will than ask the volunteer to confirm that they want to delete their information. Confirming deletion will then remove the patient from the registry.
What materials do you have that I can give to my patients for more information about INResearch.org registry?
You may direct your patients directly to the INresearch.org site however, we can also send you brochures and materials that tell about this registry. If you are interested in receiving these materials please call or email the Indiana CTSI Research Recruitment Office at contactus at INresearch.org  or by calling (317) 278-2176.
If I have any additional questions about INResearch.org registry, who should I contact?
For more information about INResearch.org, you can contact the Indiana CTSI Research Recruitment Office at 317-278-2176 (toll-free: 1-888-264-0005) or contactus at INresearch.org  .