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What is the purpose of the INresearch.org registry?
The purpose of INresearch.org is to help match people who are interested in taking part in studies with researchers looking for research volunteers.
Why do I need to create a username?
Creating a username allows a person to manage their health information so he/she can update information as needed making it easier for researchers to match volunteers to their studies. This also allows a person to register other dependent family members such as children.
Can I sign up for the registry without creating a profile and logging in?
Not at this time. We created this system so volunteers can update their information and receive information electronically. Currently, there is no mechanism for signing up without creating a profile.
How will I be contacted when I sign up for the registry?
Investigators will call or email you using the information you have provided in the registry. It is important to keep this information current so you can be reached when a study is matched to you.
How often will I be contacted?
It is difficult to know what studies will happen at any given time. Because of this and that we match volunteers with the study criteria, it is unclear how many times a year a volunteer may be contacted. By participating in the registry, you will be contacted at least two times per year asking you to make sure your profile is up-to-date and providing you updates on current research projects.
Do I have to participate in a study if I am contacted?
No, participating in a study is voluntary. You can refuse to participate in any study. The purpose of the registry is to match you with a researcher so they can contact you and tell you more about the study to see if you may be interested in taking part. Please contact the INresearch.org team at contactus at INresearch.org  if you feel you are being pressured to take part in a study or have any other concerns.
Who do I contact if I have questions about the registry or a study?
Please feel free to contact the INresearch.org team at contactus at INresearch.org  or 317-278-2176 if you have any questions. If you have specific questions about a study, you are welcome to contact the investigator or study coordinator directly, but can call us if you need help with this.
Can I sign up my child or dependent parent without creating a profile for myself?
Yes. You do not have to create a profile for yourself to participate in research In order to sign up your child however; you will need to provide your contact information so the researcher can contact you as the legal representative for the child.
How do I stop taking part in the INresearch.org registry?
You can stop participating in INresearch.org at anytime. To do this, you need to login into your profile and click “delete profile”. Please know that if your name has been provided to a researcher prior to you deleting your profile you may still be contacted for a study. Deleting your profile means your name will not be distributed to researchers from that date forward. Please feel free to contact the INresearch team if you have any questions or need assistance.